Notable (and my favorite) work

What’s it like marrying Nick Saban’s daughter?

“The wedding was a success. Adam talked about not knowing that Big Al, and Mrs. Big Al, would come. Kristen said she cried during the father-daughter dance, and her favorite part of the night was walking down the aisle to Adam.”

Million-dollar listing: 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, $1.9 million

“Drennen’s emotional connection to the property is obvious from the way she presents it to visitors. She tells stories about her mother’s antique expeditions across Europe while drifting from bedroom to bedroom, each of which tops the one before in detail.”

Meet Alabama’s real-life Santa Claus

“The moment would go on to be remembered as one Gordon had been anticipating for years – a moment in which he felt a calling to become Santa Claus. ‘I knew I must do this. I cannot go the rest of my life not doing this,’ Gordon said of the exchange.”

14 year-old Bradford Billingsley is making his mark on the fashion industry

“It’s 4 p.m. and Bradford Billingsley is leaving Vestavia Hills High School. While many other high school freshmen head to after-school practices or to hang out with friends, Bradford goes straight home. Once there, he goes upstairs into the spare room that connects to his bedroom. Then, he sketches.”

Frank Fleming, the artist behind the Five Points fountain, finds his inspiration again

“Frank Fleming’s 1970s-era Birmingham house is decorated simply with the exception of one room. Lining the shelves on a wall, 15 or so sculptures stand out. There is a penguin the artist calls the “pissed off penguin” because of his angry expression. There are calla lilies, both cast in bronze and sitting in clay, waiting to be sent to the foundry. There are rabbits, turtles and monkeys.”


Alabama Press Association | 2016 Better Newspaper Contest

Best Use of Social Media, 3rd Place: “Perfect day in Birmingham”

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